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Our Power X-Change batteries stand for strictest quality and safety standards.

A tool battery comprises of a number of different components. Only when all components comply to highest quality standards, they are assembled into a Power X-Change battery pack. We take care of not just performance but also safety - that is required when storing, shipping and using. our batteries.

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Cells, battery pack, Active Battery Management System This is reflected in each of the individual components that make up our Power X-Change battery system


Highest quality - proven safety

We only use high-quality Li-ion cells from reputable international manufacturers in our Power X-Change batteries. Regular inspections and automated manufacturing processes ensure consistently high quality under the highest safety standards. When selecting cells for our batteries, we do not just rely on a good reputation: every Power X-Change battery cell undergoes an automated and independent testing process to ensure 100% safety. Furthermore, we partner with regional universities and materials scientists to carry out special quality controls and evaluations of our batteries. Small, lightweight and powerful: We are also constantly enhancing our battery expertise through the further development of our batteries.

Rechargeable battery pack

Carefully selected cells - sophisticated components

As the exact characteristics of each individual cell can vary due to the manufacturing process, we apply strict selection criteria to ensure maximum consistency and safety. Therefore, each individual cell in every Power X-Change battery pack is measured beforehand and perfectly matched to the other cells. All the other components of our battery packs also have to fulfil the highest standards. From the way the individual components are arranged to improve cooling efficiency, to the shockproof and dirt resistant plastic casing: regular checks, practical tests and ongoing development make our battery pack one of the best and safest tool batteries on the market.

Active Battery Management System

Intelligent electronics - Efficient battery protection

In addition to stringent controls and standards during production, our Active Battery Management System ensures utmost safety and is optimised for maximum performance – for intensive use throughout the entire life of the battery. Our Active Battery Management System monitors all safety-related components inside each Power X-Change battery and controls every individual cell. This enables us to effectively prevent the typical forms of battery damage. Be it deep discharge, surges, overheating, self-discharge or memory effects: The Active Battery Management System detects detrimental conditions at an early stage and takes effective measures to mitigate them. If the battery reaches a critical state, such as dangerous overheating, the Active Battery Management System will disconnect the power supply, thus protecting the battery.

Guaranteed transparency

Optimal power for your cordless tool

In addition to their high standard of quality, the performance of Power X-Change batteries has also been optimised for all Einhell cordless devices. Depending on the model, our lithium-ion batteries can deliver a maximum continuous power of up to 1,350 watts per battery. Our 36 V Twin-Pack technology doubles the maximum power that is supplied to the cordless tool. Tools that have been designed to work with Power X-Change batteries are tuned to the characteristics of the battery to ensure optimal performance. For tools that draw a lot of power, we always provide a recommendation as to which battery should be used to ensure the best performance from the tool or gardening equipment. Because of this perfect synergy between battery and tool, we are confident in the longevity of our Power X-Change batteries, and therefore offer an extended warranty of 3 years.

Safe charging technology

Perfect Match: Power X-Change batteries and chargers

Fits like a glove: the Einhell Power X-Charger. Our chargers, which have been designed especially for the Power X-Change batteries, are not only powerful, but also particularly safe. Multiple internal control modules ensure that the cells in the battery pack are charged evenly and correctly. This intelligent charging management not only extends the battery life, but also provides another safety benefit. It means the charger can prevent short circuits between cells when temperatures are too low, and shut off automatically if it detects faults or when the battery is fully charged.