Power Generator (Petrol)

TC-PG 5500; EX; CL

Item number 4152561
  • Large 25-liter tank with level indicator for continuous operation
  • A 220 V consumer can be supplied with electricity
  • Two large wheels and a hinged handle for an easy transport
  • Overload switch and low oil cut-out for long-lasting use
  • Powerful, rugged and clean 4-stroke drive motor
  • AVR function for stable output power
  • User-friendly electric start-up (supplied with starter battery)

Technical data

Do you like to read the technical data sheet before choosing your product? You can find the most important facts and figures for Power Generator (Petrol) TC-PG 5500; EX; CL here:

Type of generatorSynchronous
Frequency50 Hz
Continous power (S1) at 230 V5000 W
Max. power | time (230 V)5500 W | 5 min
Power (S2 | S2time) at 230 V5500 W | 5500 min
Nominal current at 230 V15.21 A
230 V socket2 Pieces
Enginefour-stroke, air cooled
Number of cylinders1 Pieces
Engine displacement389 cm³
Engine speed3000 min^-1
Max. engine power7 kW
FuelNormal or premium (unleaded) petrol / E10
Capacity of fuel tank25 L
Running time with 2/3 load11 h
Product description
The Einhell TC-PG 5500 WD generator has a powerful, robust and clean 4-stroke drive motor with a 7 kW rating to deliver a continuous output of 3,000 W at 230 V and even 3,300 W at 230 V for short periods. With a tapped voltage of 400 V the continuous output is 3,600 W or even 5,500 W for short periods. The generator is equipped with two 230 V socket outlets and one 400 V socket outlet for easy connection. At two-thirds load the generator runs continuously for up to more than eleven hours. With a generator, users do not have to go without technical comforts even when they are far away from the nearest mains power supply. In forest cabins, hobby sheds, remote holiday homes and fishing lodges in the great outdoors, the generator provides outstanding service. The generator can also be used for the garden and large grounds as well, for operating garden tools or enabling technical equipment to be continuously used even in the remotest corner. For easy and energy-saving transport it has large wheels and a hinged handle. The TC-PG 5500 WD generator has a large 25-liter petrol tank with a level indicator for continuous operation. For protection against overloading and machine damage, the generator has an overload switch and a low oil cut-out. The AVR function ensures stable output power. The generator is easily started at the touch of a button by a user-friendly electric start-up, the starter battery being included with the product. Alternatively, it can also be started by the easy to use actuator cable.

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TC-PG 5500; EX; CL