Battery Charger


Item number 1002205
  • Intelligent battery charger with microprocessor controller
  • Multi-stage charging cycle,controlled/monitored by microprocessor
  • Universal battery charger for various battery types
  • For gel, AGM, zero and low maintenance lead-acid batteries
  • Pushbutton for selecting between 6/12V vehicles
  • Protection class IP65: Dustproof and protected against water jets
  • Trickle charge function for a continuously ideal charge status
  • For vehicles with long idle times (convertibles/motorcycles)
  • Charging provides extended battery life
  • El. protection against overcharging, short-circuit, swapped poles
  • Fully insulated battery clamps
  • Suspension eyelet for mounting to the wall

Technical data

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Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Jump startno
Charging voltage6 V/ 12V
Charging current Min. (arith./eff.) - Max. (arith./eff.) on 6 V d.c.1 / [-] A
Charging current Min. (arith./eff.) - Max. (arith./eff.) on 12 V d.c.1 / [-] A
Product description
The Einhell CE-BC 1 M battery charger is an intelligent universal battery charger with a microprocessor controller for various battery types. This charger can be used universally, providing indispensable service for seasonal vehicles such as convertibles and motorcycles before and after winter, making it especially ideal for the workshed and garage. Among other things this versatile battery charger can be used to charge up 6 V and 12 V vehicle batteries, along with gel batteries, AGM, and zero and low maintenance lead-acid batteries. The battery charger is suitable for use in the workshed and garage and has IP65 protection (dustproof and protected against water jets). The multi-stage charging cycle is controlled and permanently monitored by a microprocessor controller, and the charging cycles are optimized to contribute to an extended battery life. Changing between 6 V and 12 V vehicle batteries is selected by pushbutton. The battery charger from Einhell is ideally suitable for seasonal vehicles which are not used for extended periods and has a trickle charge function for a continuously ideal charging status. The battery charger from Einhell has electronic protection against overcharging, short-circuit and swapped poles. The battery clamps are fully insulated. The housing has a suspension eyelet to mount to the wall.

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